Hernia surgery

Medili medical center is one of Israel leading facility specialising in the diagnosis and treatment of  abdominal wall hernias. The surgeons at Medili are widely experienced in all forms of hernia repair including keyhole and the more traditional surgical techniques. We provide a friendly, welcoming approach with full attention to patient privacy and the service offered is courteous, rapid and efficient.

If you have a hernia, unfortunately the only means of repair is surgery. On the plus side, in most cases you`ll be in and out in a day and back on route to recovery. Once you develop a hernia it is unlikely that it will get better. Over time the hernia will enlarge. Often hernias are asymptomatic but as they enlarge they can be the cause of aching and discomfort. Repairing a hernia before it becomes incarcerated or strangulated is much safer than waiting until complications develop.  Medili medical Clinic provides the safest, most advanced, most effective repairs available. This includes relief for those who assume they are hernia sufferers for life.

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