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Medili Medical Center offers advanced medical services in various fields, such as aesthetics, general medicine, orthopedics, optometry, and gynecology. At Medili Medical Center, you can find all of the leading specialist doctors in the country under one roof. The Center`s services include medical consultation, medical care, an advanced surgical room and team of doctors, and the best nurses and assistants in the country to provide you with 24-hour dedicated care. When it comes to healthcare, you must demand the best and most professional care available - Medili.

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Medili - A Private Medical Center for You

Medili Medical Center (1989) is considered a leading center in the field of private medicine in Israel. The Center offers its services to everyone who needs it with leading specialists in various healthcare fields. The Center places an emphasis on patients` comfort and offers advanced operation rooms, skilled medical teams, professional consultations, and support throughout the entire process. Medili Medical Center specializes in surgery in various fields, including gynecology, plastics, urology, and vascular.

Types of Surgeries and Treatments Performed at Medili Medical Center

Medili Medical Center offers a wide range of treatments and operations performed by skilled and professional teams responsible for patient privacy and that provide personal care 24 hours a day. Medili Medical Center offers a range of surgeries, including advanced plastic surgeries, abortion, cataract surgery, hymen reconstruction, fissure analysis, and more.